High School Equivalency

  • Adult students may earn a High School Equivalency Certificate by taking the High School Equivalency Test. High School Equivalency preparation courses are available for students to take at BAS. Students interested in taking the courses will need to follow these steps: 

    1. Complete your CASAS Assessment by scheduling an appointment at 818-729-5960 to take the exam on BAS campus. Students are to bring a mask and a photo ID with them to the exam.

    2. Contact one of the BAS counselors to complete registration and complete your Individualized Student Plan.

    3. Once you feel prepared for the exam, please go to the official GED or HISET website and register for your exam.

    Students may enroll in the High School Equivalency program at any time in the semester.

    Cost: $0*

    For more information about the GED test or scheduling, visit the official GED website at https://ged.com or via telephone at 877-392-6433.


    For more information about the HiSET test and scheduling, visit the official HiSET website at https://hiset.ets.org/test_takers or via telephone at 855-694-4738.