• Seventh and eighth grade students will take 2 semester classes, one in the fall and one in the spring.

    Single Semester Classes

    ART: You will learn how to think as an artist and create with various art media including acrylics, watercolor, pencil, ceramics, mixed media, pastels, and other specialized materials. Projects vary each year.

    BEGINNING SPANISH: This preparatory course breaks down complicated concepts making sure there is a smooth transition into Spanish 1 (an accredited high school class available to 8th graders).

    CULINARY ARTS: Students continue their culinary education with a more in-depth look at terms, techniques and tools used in today’s kitchens. They spend lots of time in Luther’s gleaming kitchen to create delectable dishes that tempt the palate and please the eye. Lots of emphasis is placed on presentation of food, personal sanitation and cleanliness of the kitchen environment.

    DIGITAL MEDIA: This course covers basic skills for Digital Photography, Video Editing using iMovie, Premiere Pro and After effects, Graphic Design using Photoshop and Illustrator, music creation with Garageband, and coding skills with Scratch.

    Year Long Classes (Teachers will approve all requests)

    ADVANCED ART: This course will teach students how to take an idea from its very beginning stage all the way through to a thoughtfully finished artwork. We will practice keeping a sketchbook, experimenting with materials, and learning advanced skills in a variety of art media. Projects will include 3 dimensional (clay and large group projects) and 2 dimensional (pencil, pastel, watercolor, acrylic) creations. $

    ADVANCED DIGITAL MEDIA / VIDEO: This course covers advanced skills for digital photography, graphic design and video editing, focusing on the development of visual media. Students will make videos for a school TV show and be part of a Middle School Film Festival. Students will also photograph school events and develop other forms of digital media, including music and games. $@

    ADVANCED DIGITAL MEDIA / YEARBOOK: This course covers advanced skills for digital photography and graphic design focusing on creating the yearbook. Students will be members of the yearbook staff; they will photograph school events, design, and create the yearbook. Students will also create other forms of digital media, including videos, music and games. $@

    ALL CHOIRS: This vocal performance/dance class is for students who enjoy singing, dancing and performing on stage in live productions. Students must audition with Mr. Redman and will be placed into one of the choirs based on their ability. Students may be asked to participate in afterschool and weekend rehearsals/performances and competitions. $*@

    BANDS AND STRINGS: School instruments are available; donations gladly accepted. $*@

    BEGINNING BAND: Have you ever wanted to learn an instrument? In Beginning Band, students will learn to play a band instrument (Flute, Clarinet, Saxophone, Trumpet, French Horn, Trombone, Tuba or Percussion). Students will learn to read music, work as a team and develop as musicians. Open to ALL students – NO previous experience required.

    BEGINNING STRINGS: Have you ever wanted to learn the violin, the viola, cello or string bass. Students will learn to read music, work as a team and develop as musicians. Open to ALL students, no previous experience required.

    INTERMEDIATE/ADVANCED STRINGS: For students who have played a string instrument (violin, viola cello or string bass) for at least one year. Students continue to improve as musicians and have more opportunities to perform throughout the year. New students must audition with Mrs. Suhr.

    CONCERT BAND/WIND ENSEMBLE: Band students who have played a woodwind, brass or percussion instrument for at least one year will continue to improve as musicians, learn music that is more challenging, and have plenty of opportunities to perform. New students must audition with Mrs. Reinking.

    CATERING: Students will learn to prepare meals, bake breads and make homemade pastas, soups and sauces. Students will learn how to cater and prepare meals for large groups. Additionally, students will make fancy desserts, chocolates and create appetizers for entertaining. Students will make foods from a variety of cultures such as Greek, Mexican and Middle Eastern. $

    EXPLORING ENGINEERING: This course offers experiences in 16 different hands on areas called modules. Examples are Robotics, Lights & Lasers, Applied Physics, Flight Technology, CNC Milling, Engines, Rocketry & Space, 3D printing and Electronics just to name a few. Module activities are delivered through hands on learning and multimedia curriculum. Our modules focus on Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math (STEAM). $

    LEADERSHIP (ASB): Students learn to plan and organize student activities on campus. Students must apply for a position in ASB. Contact Mrs. Harney for details. $@

    TA (Teacher or Office Assistant): Students assist the teachers as needed. Requirements: No D’s, No F’s, No U’s and No suspensions. Students must contact teacher to request to be a TA.

    SPANISH 1: This is a high school accredited class. Students work towards literacy as they acquire relevant content through the study of various topics, and use language to participate in social interactions. Students will be exposed to communication, culture, community, comparison and context in Spanish. The 7 a.m. class allows students to have a second elective. Good attendance is required for the 7 a.m. class.

    $ Contributions toward rental, performance or other material costs related to this elective are greatly appreciated.
    * Based on an audition, you will be placed in the appropriate class.
    @ After school performances/rehearsal/activities associated with this class.