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    BHS:  TBD

    JBHS:  October 9th & November 6th:  Click HERE to register for the JBHS application & FAFSA workshops.

    Cash for College: Click HERE to register for their free webinars.

    BUSD Virtual College Fair:  September 27 from 6-8PM.  Click HERE for more info.

    CA College Fairs: Click HERE for more info.

    BHS Brag Sheet

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    Asking for a Letter of Recommendation:  Teachers and counselors need a minimum of TWO weeks advance notice to write a letter of recommendation.  Please type your information accurately and completely.  All NAF students should include information about their internship experience and the link to their digital portfolio.  Please provide or email a copy of your typed brag sheet to each person who has agreed to write you a letter of rec. Always PROOFREAD before submitting.  Include any important information and deadlines.  Follow up with each person and be sure to give them a thank you note.

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    Click HERE for UC support.

    Click HERE for CSU support.

    Click HERE for the Common App.

    Click HERE for community college support.

    Click HERE to get started with FAFSA or call the hotline at 800-433-3243.

    Click HERE for help writing your personal statement.

    Click HERE for help on how to read your high school transcript.

    Click HERE for the BHS Counseling Office webpage.

    Click HERE for the JBHS Counseling Office webpage.


  • Senior NAF Parent Meetings

    BHS: September 28

    JBHS: Click HERE for meeting slides from September 14.

  • Brag Sheets & Letters of Recommendation

    More info coming soon...