School climate is the temperament, belief system, and sense of purpose experienced, modeled, and promoted on a school campus. A caring school climate is the implementation of a shared vision where students and staff flourish. It includes policies, programs, practices, and most importantly people who are inclusive, respectful, and unbiased. Parents and school staff work collaboratively with children fostering empathy, understanding, and safe practices so that schools become and remain safe and healthy places to work, learn, and visit.


    In order to get a comprehensive review on how students, parents, community members, and staff feel about their experience with the Burbank Unified School District, Staff engage the services of Hanover Research, Inc. to develop and administer the District’s annual School Climate survey instrument. The annual survey is offered in English, Spanish, and Armenian to staff, parents/guardians, community members, and to students in grades 8-12.

    The survey informs the progress toward a variety of district actions and goals as well as how our community perceives the quality of programs, resources, and services offered by the District.   We now have year-to-year comparison data which informs the District's efforts and how the District's efforts are perceived.  We will continue to administer the survey to recognize areas of improvement as well as opportunities for growth.

    Click on the images below to view the BUSD School Climate Survey results and the BUSD School Climate Survey reports to the Board of Education.  For more information please contact either Dr. John Paramo, Assistant Superintendent of Education Services at johnparamo@burbankusd.org

     2018 Climate Survey                                                                                                                             

    December 2018 School Climate Survey Board of Education Report                                                    

       2017 School Climate Survey Results

     September 2017 School Climate Survey Report to Board of Education