6th Grade Let's Do Lunch

  • We welcome back a favorite Muir activity, Let's Do Lunch. This year our Let's Do Lunch will be by grade levels. Sixth grade students will experience Let's Do Lunch on the following dates: November 4, February 3, and May 5. Parents, please make sure you have already submitted your I.D. so your visit on campus for Let's Do Lunch runs more smoothly.  

6th Grade Day of the Ancients Canceled Until Further Notice

  • Day of the Ancients is an activity day for 6th graders at JMMS.  In the past, 6th graders have participated in such things as a Greek Olympic competition, sampled cuisine, and watched a wonderful performance of the Odyssey.  Students are also encouraged to dress in international costumes.

    It is a wonderful day of activity where staff, students, and parents come together to further address the Ancient Cultures unit in the 6th grade history curriculum. It is a day that we will experience again.

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Last Modified on November 18, 2022