• Watch video #1 showing how to create your Google site.

    Watch video #2 showing how to create your Home, About Me, and Career Document pages on your Google site.  

    Watch video #3 showing how to create your NAF Academy page on your Google site.  

    Watch video #4 showing how to create your Work Experience/Internship page on your Google site. (coming soon)    


    Click below to view former NAF student portfolios.

  • Digital Portfolio

    Click HERE to  review a sample layout of the NAF Digital Portfolio. Be sure to check the settings of your Google Docs/Slides/Sheets.  Either set for open sharing or share with your teacher or the viewer will NOT be able to open.  You MUST use your professional Gmail account to create your Google Site.  Students will lose access to their BUSD Google drive files upon graduating.  Download and/or move your important files now! 

    Check out these great student examples!

    Digital Portfolio Requirements

    All NAF students must create and update their Google site.  You must create and use a professional Gmail account to get started.  Real pictures and documents will help support your portfolio.  NOTE:  Do not include other students or people in your pictures.  You may show the backs of people or just their hands in the pictures.

    Required Pages & Content

    Home Page:

    • Professional DFS photo
    • NAF logo
    • Short self introduction

    About Me:

    • Descriptions of your clubs, sports, & activities
    • Include a statement about what you learned from being part of that group
    • Include a real picture of yourself actively participating in the group
    • Include a document or something you created as part of the group

    Career Documents:

    • Cover letter
    • Resume
    • References
    • Professional Goals
    • Reasons to Hire You

    NAF Academy:

    • Overall NAF mission statement
    • Academy specific mission statement
    • List of all NAF classes
      • Include the course description AND explain what you learned
    • Screenshot of your NAFTrack progress graph

    Work Experience / Internship:

    Section 1: Top block of the page:

    1. Your Name & 9-digit school ID#
    2. School & Academy Name: Business, Engineering, or Medical
    3. Employer Name (Name of Company)
    4. Internship Address (or list if virtual)
    5. Supervisor Name (Name of Person)
    6. Supervisor Email & Supervisor Phone Number
    7. Internship start date
    8. Internship end date (select the due date if you are still working)
    9. Compensation: paid or unpaid
    10. Number of hours interned
    11. *Repeat steps 3-10 if you have completed more than one internship.

    Section 2: Work Experience/Internship Overview & Evaluation Block:

    Section 3: Work Experience/Internship Examples & Pictures:

    Collect concrete examples of the valuable work you contributed to your workplace. Ideas include:

    • copies of documents you created or helped create 
    • copies of documents you used to perform duties 
    • documents you referenced to do your job 
    • Provide 3-5 pictures of where you work and any equipment/machines that are a part of your job. You must be in the pictures! Label and explain each item/picture. **Check with your supervisor about how best to take photos if there are privacy regulations in place. Get creative and ask your supervisor to help you take the photos to be sure you are in compliance with regulations. 

     Section 4: Verification and Assessment/Evaluation

    • Verify Your Internship Hours: (2 verifications are required if you completed 2 internships) You may either use this form to track your hours or have your supervisor type a verification letter like this example. The typed verification letter should include the number of hours you completed and your start and end date. The proof of hours should be typed on company letterhead OR not on letterhead, but you must attach a business card.
    • NAF Supervisor Assessment Form/Evaluation: (2 required if you completed 2 internships): You must have your supervisor evaluation form completed when you turn in your portfolio. Be sure and give your supervisor at least 2 weeks notice before the end of your internship. *Share the fillable PDF form from the NAF website with your supervisor. A copy of this form is required on the work experience/internship page of your site. Use your evaluation form and complete this required internship data form (to be used to fill out a Google form in early April.)

    NOTE: Career documents are not required on your work experience/portfolio page.

    Optional Extra Pages - not required for any graduation years: Awards, projects, Eagle Scout, Girls Scout Gold Award, anything special you want to highlight