• NAF Internship FAQs - READ HERE FIRST!

  • FAQs About the NAF Internship

    When should I start my internship?

    Wait until the summer after your sophomore year or the start of your junior year to begin your internship.  Most students do their internship during the summer between junior and senior year.

    How many hours do I need to complete the internship assignment?

    The class of 2022 and 2023 needs a total of 80 hours.  The class of 2024 and 2025 are still required to complete the original requirement of 120 hours.  WAIT until after your sophomore year to see if NAF has changed the requirements. (80 hours at 1 location or 40 hours at 2 locations.  You may NOT do a few hours at a bunch of different places.  Same hour breakdown for 120 hours at 1 location or 60 hours at 2 locations.)

    Do I need to get paid or can I volunteer?

    The classes of 2022 and 2023 will be NAFTrack Certified for either paid or unpaid hours.   The class of 2024 and 2025 are still required to get paid for their hours.  WAIT until after your sophomore year to see if NAF has changed the requirements.

    Do my service hours count for the internship?

    This can be a tricky answer.  It is possible that you volunteer for more hours at your service hour location.  The easiest way to explain is that you cannot “double dip” and use your service hours towards your service hour medal AND your internship.  That would mean that you were completing the hours for a requirement and NOT volunteering.  For example, if you are required to complete 80 internship hours and want to get the 100 hour service medal, you’d need to complete 180 hours at your volunteer location.  You would be earning your 100 volunteer hours and your 80 internship hours.

    My family has a business.  Can I work for them?

    The short answer is yes, BUT you need to meet a few requirements.  You need to be treated as a regular employee and your supervisor cannot be a relative.  You should be paid either minimum wage or a final stipend of $525.

    What if my internship has ended and I didn’t get the supervisor evaluation or complete the supervisor informational interview?

    Contact your supervisor by phone or email and set up an appointment to do the informational interview.  Prepare yourself before the appointment so you know what you’re doing and you don’t waste their time.  You can do it in about 20 minutes.  Discuss the evaluation form and email your supervisor a copy.  You’ll find a blank form on our website.  They are required to do the first 2 pages, but the third page is optional.  Have your supervisor email it back to you so you can post on your digital portfolio internship page.

    How do I prove my hours or if I got paid?

    You should either have sign-in sheets at your workplace or pay stubs for your hours worked.  If you volunteer, you may need to create your own spreadsheet and record times and have your supervisor approve the hours.  Your supervisor may write a letter on company letterhead to me guaranteeing that you worked the required hours.  Check your pay stubs and look for something called YTD - that stands for Year to Date.  It should show a total or hour worked or total earnings.

    Where can I work?

    You can work or volunteer just about anywhere.  You don’t have to intern/work in the same field as your academy theme.  High school age students are pretty young to be able to work in the business, engineering, and medical fields.  Your internship experience will mostly focus on your organization, leadership, and teamwork skills.

    What if I already have a job?  Can I use those hours towards the internship?

    YES! You can keep your job and use that experience to complete all of the reflection assignments for your internship.